Honestly, I no longer even know why I'm back here, last post was like 2 months before, and... Why. Anyways, I don't have many things I could talk about. Because 1) my mental health is kinda going bonkers, like mood swings, but I have no idea how I could put it in words, but lately... Continue Reading →


I haven’t been feeling the best lately…

And I definitely know that it wasn't my exams, sure I felt panicky, and by that, I mean, sweaty palms and feeling nauseous. You know, how normal people usually feel before writing an exam. But nooooo, this is different. I feel shitty for one. And I have honestly, no clue, why. I still don't. I... Continue Reading →

I can’ t even.

Honestly I don't give two shits about grammar, my laptop's doing that for me. So where was I, you ask? Or maybe not, I'm going to tell you anyways. I was busy trying to adjust to 11th grade. Its not easy being a science student. Economics students at our school consider taking science as a... Continue Reading →

am I dead?

I honestly feel that although I have no blogging schedule at all, each of my posts are one month apart.Yea, I'm going to stop using school as an excuse. My finals are not over yet, Maths is left to go. And these past few weeks have been quite hectic and a lot of things has... Continue Reading →

coffee and dumb things…

It's been a month. It's come to my mind that I haven't posted for so long, but I never was the organized person who would do something the moment I thought about it. I'm a procrastinator. No. I'm a master procrastinator. And what is it like being a master procrastinator? Most of us might know.... Continue Reading →

human mind. 

The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all. It holds every irrational fear, every dark desire, every evil act, and every emotion. Everytime we pass the boundaries of what we hold our standard of good and right, the human mind is the one and only behind it. It's a force that dictates every... Continue Reading →

poem: real monsters

So, this poem was based off one of my drawings, yea. ^^ That's the one. real monsters real monsters are not the ones in the horror movies real monsters are not the one's you read in books real monsters are not the evil dragons that breathe fire nor are they the ones that creep up... Continue Reading →

looking back at 2017

Happy new year, you guys! It's been a long time now, hasn't it? It actually feels like I cut off all connections to my blog, but here I am back again. So 2017 was the year of many things. Many good things and many bad. Many news highlights, the first and foremost one being Trump... Continue Reading →

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